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 I still remember having my senior portraits taken.  I loved it.  What young adult doesn’t love being star for a day?  As early as middle school, I would dream about how fun it would be to be a model and be paid to have the camera on me.  My senior session was the closest I ever got to being a model, but I didn’t realize how important it really was.  Having had 3 class reunions now, I know that I remember all of my friends by their senior pictures.  These and your wedding portraits are probably some of the most important portraits you will ever have taken. They are the ones your parents will display for-ev-er.  But don’t be pressured by that, I love to have fun and make you look great!  Session fees for high school seniors are $200 with a minimum print commitment of  $500.  Sessions last up to 3 hours.  I will talk with you and your parents about how and where to shoot so that we capture who you are.  We may need to hit a few different areas around town to compromise what mom and dad want, and still have a fun and funky look for you.


What to wear:   Bring different outfits for your session.  Anything from prom dresses to jeans will work.  If we are doing your session when it’s hot outside, consider sweaters and coats, too, if they show off your personality.  Clothes should be pressed and on hangers.  Also, girls, you will want to bring your accessories organized (perhaps in ziploc bags) to go with each outfit.  Even though it’s casual, the faster you can dress, the more images we can take.   Definitely bring props that are important to you: cars, musical instruments, sports equipment, uniforms or costumes, letterman’s jacket, etc.   Also consider accessories like hats and scarves, and don’t forget the shoes.


 Hair:   Don’t go and get a new haircut, color, or style 2 days before your session.  Do have a low maintenance style (because of clothing changes) that is easy to keep in place.  Boys should take care of facial hair and shave!


 Makeup:  Girls should wear makeup like they are going out on the town.  Even if you don’t normally wear makeup, you should at least wear mascara; otherwise it will look like you don’t have lashes at all.  Since many of your shots will focus on eyes, make sure your mascara looks smooth without clumps, and that your eyeliner is straight.  You might also consider wearing fake eyelashes ($5) because it will play up your eyes and make them sparkle.  I promise you won’t look too “done up”.

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