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A family portrait is an heirloom.  I strive to capture those moments that will be passed on forever. Family, Individual, and Engagement sessions are $200 with a $500 minimum print commitment.  This fee includes up to 6 people, each additional person is $25. We will spend up to 2 hours on location in the Treasure Valley.  We can shoot anywhere you would like from your backyard to downtown Boise.  Parks, barns, bridges, rivers, ponds all work great as backgrounds, but what I really try to focus on is you!  I like to have fun and catch relationships in action.  Kids will be allowed to play and act like themselves for much of the session.  Each person is different—that’s what makes it so exciting for me; I love to get those little expressions that only you know.  I will take the time to capture the essence of your family.


What to wear: For a traditional family portrait, a similar color scheme between members is optimal, but not necessary. They do not need to match exactly, but choose 2-4 colors to build off of. Solids and textures like sweaters, cable, scarves, and corduroy look great.


For individual kid/toddler sessions, you can be a bit more creative. I love hats, tutus, tights, coats, fun outfits, purses, props, etc.  Choose something that tells about their personality, but that won’t distract from their beauty.  If you need help choosing what would look best, I would love to discuss it with you. 

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